Privacy Policy

  • Privacy policy assembles, ensures, and maintains clientele information who have subscribed to our services. This information is collected through our site, property of Knowledge Extend, which is keen to provide quality services in Online Madrasa.

    This apt information will help you to build your trust on our services, which we provide at Online Madrasa. Probe the mentioned details regarding privacy policy to remove your ambiguity that how our online organization of Online uses your private information.

    For the direct consultation in order to get the best of our services, we collect your personal information. In case you encounter any of a glitch whilst subscribing our online services, then you can Contact Us and we are just an email away! Prerequisites for submitting problems include:

    • Name
    • Email identification
    • Phone Number

    We do not make your private information public and can only be used in case of communication to get back to you for your issues, so lay your trust entirely upon, and enjoy the divine teachings at Quran Reading for sacred recitation and contemplation.